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Clinical Psychotherapy 

evidence based

Symptom Focused

Minor psychological surgery/ Symptom Specific

Begin your transformational healing journey today with Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt., Rh.D. and plow through the emotional and psychological roadblocks keeping you from enjoying professional success and healthy intimate relationships by transforming your pain into wisdom, discernment, and outcomes. When you heal your soul, you change your life!

Popular Treatments

RoHun Therapy

Major psychological surgery/clean sweep

Trace state therapy, focused on resolving dilemmas at deeper levels 


Integrative mental health combines clinical and psycho-spiritual psychotherapy to treat the whole person from the inside out. Dr. Cristerna incorporates quantum physics into a proven six-step program tailored for each patient combined with performance mindset coaching and world-class support to achieve maximum results quickly.

Yhandi's Inner Light

Ego awareness and development

People around the world have successfully practiced spirituality to rapidly heal physical, mental, and emotional blocks at a soul level for thousands of years. With the evolution of evidence based clinical treatments, science has begun to identify how healing occurs at a quantum level and how we can facilitate healing which can lead to spontaneous remission in psychological and medical symptomology.

Talk therapy focused on resolving life dilemmas on conscious levels


Rapid Healing, Growth & Success


Integrative Ego work

Why Integrative Therapy?

Rapid psychotherapy that is psychoanalytic in nature and focuses on creating a healthy ego and ability to create and achieve life goals rapidly.


Rapid psychotherapy, psychoanalytic in nature that resolves specific dilemmas at both conscious and unconscious levels


Rapid psychotherapy that is psychoanalytic in nature that resolves dilemmas at unconscious levels


Integrative Clinical & Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

Heal Rapidly, grow fully & succeed naturally