The benefits of clinical and psycho-spiritual mental health treatment are many, including freedom, relief, joy, and clarity.  I caution you to be mindful of what you are looking to gain in your life because in order to gain you will have to let go of something, and that's not always easy to do nor do you have a choice in what leaves in order to make room for receiving what you want. 

Finding the right service for you is important because it allows experiencing the maximum emotional and psychological benefit. As a licensed clinical social worker trained at the University of Chicago and Delphi University I am well versed in clinical and spiritual psychotherapy which allows me to see which service may give you the best overall outcome without delving into the realm quackery.

Please note that when doing these processes, you are going deep into the subconscious or unconscious mind. This has a direct impact on your energy system the deeper you go to heal, It is common to experience flu-like symptoms and discomfort. Please prepare yourself for these side effects and consult your physician with any concerns. 

Benefits of Major Processes*:

*These processes often yield results within 30-60 days. Results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

  • RoHun: A rapid acting non-traditional psychotherapy that focuses on emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, and release of lower energies and emotions. RoHun focuses on uncovering the destructive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you hold. These three things keep you stuck or trapped in self-destructive and sabotaging behavior so you don't move forward in your life. Once these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are discovered, they are healed and released so you are FREE to experience love, joy, compassion, and understanding for yourself - often for the first time. This, in turn, allows you to move forward so that you can create a life from a place of love. This process is thorough, comprehensive and very deep. Clients are often "prepped" to begin this process and healing occur on multiple levels within 3-4 days!
  • Yhandi's Inner Light: A rapid acting non-traditional therapy that identifies, and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts that the "Inner Child" and "Adult" personality have unconsciously stored in the client's mind and body. Healing and integration of the Inner Child and Adult result in immediate peace of mind, creative productivity, clarity, and joy. Healing is done on a subconscious level and deals with events that have happened in the client's current life. This is a beautiful demonstration of analysis and healing on an emotional and mental level. Yhandi is often used by client's who want to manifest something very quickly in their lives and get unstuck. This is a wonderful tool to supplement and enhance one's coaching experience and results can be seen in as little as one week!
  • Heart Centered Hypnotherapy: It is a wonderful process that goes deep while allowing you to get a taste of everything depending on what comes up. You can do emotional releases, soul retrievals, past life, regressions, mind/body integration, and much more. The sessions are 90-minutes and results can be experienced quickly - oftentimes at the end of the session! This is a great process that heals the heart and prepares you to do a more complex and deeper process like RoHun and Yhandi's Inner Light.

Benefits of Minor Processes (a partial list)**:

**These processes often yield results at the end of the session or within 30 days. Results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

  • Shadow Work: Great tool to use to explore those parts of you that are difficult for you to see and own.
  • Past Life Regression: Wonderful tool if you want to understand yourself and your continuation of consciousness.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT; Tapping): a wonderful tool to release emotional pain and control anxiety. Helpful for athletes and anyone else who performs in public. 
  • Ego Development & Strengthening: a wonderful tool to help you shore up feelings of weakness and self-doubt.
  • Soul Retrievals: An excellent tool to find those parts of you that have been lost, "gone away" or "died". They are never gone and can always come back!
  • Spirit Releasement: A wonderful tool for those thoughts and earthbound spirits who have taken up residence within us. Great for those in recovery, struggling with anger, and helplessness. 
  • Visualizations, Meditations, and Relaxations: Great methods for learning how to relax and reconnect with yourself to gain clarity and purpose.
  • RoHun Cleanses and Skims: A lighter version of RoHun that most people are able to do the first time. It's a great way to keep up and prepare for your RoHun treatments in between processes.
  • Dream Analysis: A wonderful tool to help you decipher what your unconscious is trying to communicate. You can also learn how to do active imagination as described by Jung in the book, "Inner Work", by Robert A. Johnson

Depending on the type of treatment you select, your benefits can vary. With that said, below are the benefits that clients have reported to me after receiving a specialty service:

  • Immediate emotional relief in different part of their body (usually head, chest, stomach, throat, and legs)
  • Increase in mental and emotional clarity and discernment
  • Increased and improved performance at work
  • Greater forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and patience for self and others
  • Improved and healthier relationships: marriages, parenting, family, social, and professional
    • Several couples chose to stay married and forgo divorce
  • Increased feelings of peace, contentment, joy, and purpose in life
  • More balance and authenticity

How have people used their healing to impact the world?

Clients have reported the following changes or enhancements after various sessions:

  • More charitable giving: financially and via volunteering
  • Increased compassion, support, and forgiveness of self and others (e.g. discrimination)
  • Increased personal responsibility and less blaming
  • Increased growth in business leading to increased hires within company
  • The decrease in deception and abuse of power.