Are You Ready for a Specialty Service

Selecting the Right Service for You!

Below is a list of processes that I use so that you can achieve the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, based on your needs, timeframe, and budgets:

MAJOR TREATMENT PROCESSES (Rapid Acting Psychotherapy resulting in Deep,

Significant  Shifts)

  • Yhandi's Inner Light
  • RoHun Therapy (Includes ALL Nine Phases. Doctors, please call before making a referral)
    • Healing of Psycho-Spiritual Tanks and Medical Relationships  
    • Healing of Psycho-Spiritual Vaults 
    • Healing of Psycho-Spiritual Constructs  
    • Divine Mother Process 
    • Androgynous Process
    • Seven Visions of Self-Transformation Process
    • The Origins Process
    • Shadow/Releasing Caged Energy
    • Purification
  • Brazilian Light Energization (Included at the end of every RoHun Process)
  • Psychotherapy (used to prep for or supplement major treatment processes)
  • Reflective Etheric Healing (For use in conjunction with surgical operations)


  • Shadow Work
  • Heart Vaults and Unconscious Death Urges
  • Past Life Regression
  • Ego Development & Strengthening
  • Soul Retrievals
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Spirit Releasement (Pastors and other clergies, please call to make a referral)
  • Visualizations, Meditations, and Relaxations
  • RoHun Cleanses and Skims
  • Heart Centered Hypnotherapy
  • Dream Analysis
  • Blood Cleanse (For diseases of the blood, pre and post surgery or as a stand-alone)
  • Brazilian Light Energization (Kundalini Light Energization)
  • Womb Cleanses (Miscarriages, Stillbirths, and Abortions)
  • Birth Trauma Release
  • Spirit Releases
  • Bardo (Process to help individuals who are preparing to leave their physical bodies (death) in a peaceful way by connecting with the light so they can continue their journey on the other side)
  • Healing Sanctuary (Chicago, New York)

Criteria to determine what process(es) you would best benefit from:
Everything is customized to meet your needs. The following is the order and priority I give to your treatment and work: 

  • Alleviate your symptoms at the deepest level possible based on your ability and readiness.
  • Work within your timeline so that you can receive the maximum healing over a specified time. 
  • Stay within your budget and match you up with the process that will be the most effective to treat your symptoms at the deepest level within the timeframe you provide me.  

Call to see what process would work best for you! 312-382-8710  x150