Psycho-spiritual and Energy Work

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart Centered-Hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

First, let’s discuss the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a method of relaxation and concentration that provides access to a unique state of consciousness. Hypnosis is also a treatment intervention comprised of inducing the client into a relaxed, suggestible state and then offering post hypnotic suggestions for relief from symptoms.

However, hypnotherapy is the process of psychotherapy with a client who is in a deeply relaxed state. Conducting psychotherapy in the hypnotic state allows the client to bypass their psychological defenses and go to the source of their pain, trauma, and experience.

Our clients at International & Chicago’s High Achievers often describe individual hypnotherapy sessions as cathartic, relieving, and equivalent to several months of therapy. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective with survivors of abuse, trauma, weight, depression, anger, insecurity, life transitions, and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy: $750.00 per session(90-120 minutes. Includes one follow-up session)

Mind-Body work

I utilize hypnotherapy, Brazilian Light Energization, and other energy work if needed, to address the emotional component that underlies the medical condition experienced by clients. Conditions include chronic and episodic illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, heart problems, back problems, allergies, asthma, cholesterol weight, Colitis, Crohn's disease, headaches, and etc.

FAQ’s about Hypnotherapy:

Will I know and remember what has happened?

You will always be able to hear the voice of your therapist. You will always know that you are in the room with me. You will always be able to wake yourself up if you want to – YOU WILL NOT BECOME UNCONSCIOUS. You will be able to remember the session and speak throughout the session during your hypnotic state.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized because it is a natural state of mind.

Will the therapist be able to control my mind?

Hypnosis will enable you to control your own mind better. You will actually be able to better recognize hypnotic suggestions and reject them if you so chose. What leads to someone controlling your mind is ignorance and lack of assertiveness.  Hypnotherapy empowers the client because all of the answers are within them. The client is always in charge of their process and can learn self-hypnosis so they can discover their own inner resources.

What if I can’t come out of it?

There has never been a documented case of anyone being unable to come out of hypnosis. In fact, 80% of the day you are going in and out of the subconscious mind.

Will you make me cluck like a chicken?

We do not perform stage shows or “hypnotisms”. They will never do anything against their moral values. Hypnosis is for therapy, not for shaming anyone.

If I do hypnotherapy, will the devil get in?

Hypnosis is the same state of mind as prayer – it’s a natural state and God-given. The power of God is greater than the power of the devil. The Law of Concentration says, “Whatever you focus upon increases in power.” So, why focus on the devil? “The devil is the same as negativity.” You can focus on love and light, or fear and darkness. You always have a choice when you learn to use the full 100% of your mind!

What if I discover things I don’t want to know?

Think about this like tooth decay. Hypnotherapy is a tool to help them release what has been controlling their life. If the decay remains, you never know when it will pop up and cause pain. Once you have addressed it and released it, then you are empowered and there is nothing to fear.