Common Questions:

Do you take insurance?

No, I do not take any insurance but will provide insurance ready receipts that will include the CPT code on the invoice. I do not modify receipts after they have been issued to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay by using Paypal (there is a convenience fee) or Chase quick pay (there is no fee). All sessions must be paid in order to secure your appointment. There are NO REFUNDS once your appointment is made. The policy is outlined in the new client/patient paperwork. You may be interested in applying for term financing which can allow you to work with me without worrying about upfront payment. Click the picture below to learn more.

How long are the sessions?

It depends on what type of sessions you have. For example, psychotherapy sessions are 45-minutes long, hypnotherapy sessions are 2-3 hours and RoHun & Yhandi takes three consecutive days.

When should I see results? 

Results vary depending on the client and the type of treatment they are receiving. Results are not guaranteed though most clients experience relief immediately when they do a specialty session.

How do I know which service is right for me?

You and I will schedule a consultation and talk about what you are looking to do and the type of results you would like to achieve within a certain amount of time. At that time, I will determine what treatment would be best for you. However, many clients come to me knowing what they want to do as they have been referred by other patients. 

What are the packages that you reference?

The packages are complete session packages that provide patients what they need either from beginning to end or for a specific portion of treatment. The packages are always cheaper than a la cart. In fact, even though the packages are may appear to be expensive, it is actually significantly cheaper than traditional psychotherapy over time. 

Can anyone do the treatments?

Yes, but sometimes prep work needs to be done to achieve maximum results. Some people are unable to relax and need to do psychotherapy or meditation until they can trust the process of a deeper, specialty treatment.

Is there any special preparation for the treatments?

Yes. Depending on the needs of the patient and the treatment they will receive, some may need to practice meditation, begin with psychotherapy, or do vibrational energy. Most often clients coming for hypnotherapy, RoHun or Yhandi need to be able to relax enough to do the treatment. 

When am I cured?

There is really nothing to be cured. Oftentimes it is a matter of clearing out the faulty thoughts and that's when the magic happens!

Is there a guarantee?

Nope. You get out what you put in. You are the hardest working person in the room, and you should be, it's your life. 

Do I have to come to Chicago?

Yes. I am licensed in the state of Illinois and practice in Chicago. I do phone and video conference sessions for clients in between sessions. I also do coaching sessions via conference with clients all over the world as it does not require a license. I travel around the country to work with coaching clients and companies as well. 

Are travel and accommodations included in the fee? 

No, accommodations are up to the patient. 

Who do you work with?

Anyone who is looking for relief from their emotional, mental, and psychological pain and inconvenience. 

Can couples work together?

Yes. I actually enjoy working with couples because it helps them grow together and become more connected in their relationship.

Do you offer group sessions?

Yes, but sparingly.