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Concierge Service

"Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable." ~Shakesphere

Imagine that you have created the life or business of your dreams. Close your eyes, what do you see? How do you feel?  

The essence of what you see and feel can be created - if you do the hard work of introspection and break through the barriers that have limited how far and fast you move forward.  

My elite level "Concierge Service" is created for the discriminating client who knows where they are going and is willing to do the work to get there.  This service is designed for individuals, companies, and families who are committed to working on their personal and professional development.

For example, an individual who wants to achieve or maintain a high level of professional success may sign up for my coaching service. Since they are highly motivated and committed to developing their interpersonal skill set in the most efficient way, they want the comfort of having unparalleled access to me in person via phone, email, and video conference.

Or, say there is an individual wants to deal with the source of their anxiety. Although they may be afraid, they are committed to facing their fears but only with a seasoned clinical expert who can dedicate more time and energy to truly helping them work through their angst. Since they may be feeling hesitant and vulnerable, they might prefer working with someone like me who will provide them the discretion of not using insurance, assigning a diagnosis, or limiting their access to traditional hours. 


The types of clients who seek my services include doctors, attorneys, traders, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, quants, programmers, executives, college students (on leave or currently enrolled), and start-ups. They come to me because they feel, and know, there is more they can achieve and are willing to do the work to get them where they want to go.

Not only are they looking to be successful, they are looking to be happy. They want to enjoy their fruits of their labor and give something back to their families, communities -- even the world. They want to leave a mark.

Clients who enroll in my concierge service enjoy the following benefits:

  • After hours access
  • In-person sessions up to 3x per week
  • Supplemental contact via email, phone, and video conference (including on-call access)
  • Access to all clinical and coaching services as needed/appropriate at no additional charge
  • Fees are based on having access to all services as needed at a flat annual rate that is non-refundable. Unfortunately, the Dharma system is no longer being offered.

Enrollment into my concierge service is selective and discretionary. If you would like to learn more about how to access my concierge psychotherapy or coaching service, please call me at 312-382-8710 x150. 

With love and light,