Whether you're doing what you love or trying to figure out what you'd love to do, it's always a good idea to have a confidant or consultant on hand to help you gain or maintain perspective. For over 25 years, I've worked with doctors, lawyers, traders, athletes, accountants, students, spouses, children entrepreneurs, quants, programmers, and prodigy children who are now adults. 

In the quarter century, I've spent with clients, I've learned three things:

  1. For every academic or technical strength you have, there are three interpersonal skills that are lacking.
  2. The more successful you become, the deeper you have to dig to maintain your sense of self, connection, and happiness.  
  3. Everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten and now you need to integrate it. 

When you work with me, everything is tailored to help you grow and stay grounded in a supportive and nurturing environment. Please note that while I am unimpressed by your accomplishments, name, title, and lineage, I will not hesitate to let you know how cool and amazing you are. My job is to make sure you hear what you need to hear, see what you need to see and grow into your own person with your own mind. 

If you are having a difficult time finding yourself, struggling with who you are, staying grateful, or have simply become unbearable to yourself and around others, then give me a call. I'm not saying I will help you but I can certainly see if I might be able to help you come out on the other side.


If you're an athlete and you're having a hard time getting your head in the game, I may be able to help. As the former sports psychology consultant for USA Taekwondo and have worked with youths, Olympic, and professional athletes in the area of Taekwondo, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Track. 

I help athletes improve their focus, relaxation, emotional regulation, and sort through personal challenges affecting their game. Additionally, I work with their spouses and children to help maintain regulation while career athletes are away. For those athletes who have retired and are looking to decide what to do with their potential after their sports career, I can help you gain clarity and develop your passion. If you are a new professional athlete and need to stay grounded or maintain your competitive advantage, it is in your best interest to work with someone.  

To learn more about my Taekwondo expertise please go to International 
Sport Achievers and see what national coaches, Olympians, and parents have to say about how I've helped them. 


You know your child better than anyone else. While it may be hard to see or accept the challenges within ourselves, it can be more difficult for a parent or guardian to see it in their children. Most parents and guardians think they will be judged, did something wrong, or are not good parents and that is simply not the case. 

If you think your child is struggling with their emotions in any way, consider taking them in to talk with a therapist. Since children are very resilient, oftentimes, they are not in therapy very long. 

Taking your child to work with a therapist can be one of the best decisions you can make for them. There, they can learn how to identify their feelings, learn where they come from, and explore healthy ways to express them. If your child has experienced any abuse or trauma, working with a therapist is essential to addressing issues that can (and often do) come up when they are adults.

When a child comes in to heal, the entire family heals. Parents who love their children seek out and get their children the help they need because no one can do it all and it takes a village to raise a child.

If you are considering therapy for your child, give me a call (312-382-8710 x150), I am happy to talk with you about how I may be able to help. 


College can be an amazing time to learn and grow! It can also be a challenge and stir up intense negative emotions for some students. When this happens, a break or leave of absence may be needed.  If you are a student or your son or daughter is on or needs to take a leave of absence, I may be able to help.

For over a decade, I have worked with college students who have taken leaves of absences for a variety of reasons. I have successfully worked with college students to obtain clarity, increase emotional regulation, release faulty thoughts, and gain a sense of connectedness so they can return to school ready to continue their journey. 

My work with students usually involves their families and anyone else who plays a significant role in their life. Treatment is comprehensive and supportive so students can increase the self-awareness and confidence. They typically take off for one semester but it is not unusual for their leave to last a year.   

Most of my college clients attend treatment once per week but if they request a specialty service, treatment sessions may vary depending on how quickly they are looking to see results. Most students use psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and 
Yhandi for best results and a smooth return to school.

If you are looking for a therapist to work with during your academic leave, contact me for more information. 

FYI: If you're a college student and have taken a medical leave, please make sure that all of your paperwork is completed to ensure a smooth transition back to school in a timely fashion. Be sure to complete the paperwork to begin your leave and note the deadlines to submit your forms to return to school. I am able to provide reports and complete my portion of the paperwork, however, all treatment must be complete so a substantive report reflecting your participation and readiness can be written. Reports are billed separately and a referral will be made to connect with the counseling department at your academic institution for ongoing support.


Being gifted can feel like a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have an extraordinary talent; on the other hand, you can find yourself disconnected from or unable to relate to the experiences of others. Often placed in advanced classes with older students or immersed in educational pursuits, prodigies can fall short on social and emotional development. 

When this happens, child prodigies miss out on opportunities to develop regulatory and social skills that are applicable in diverse settings. This can make it difficult for them to develop and maintain healthy, mature adult relationships. 

When I work with child and adult prodigies, I focus my attention on helping them understand their emotional needs and meeting them in healthy ways. I also support the development of progressive life/social skills that may be needed to maintain healthy emotional development so they can continue their educational pursuits without sacrificing rich, meaningful relationships. 


If you are a professional, you are looking to talk with someone you can trust to help you see the truth - even it isn't what you want to know. If you want to make the most of your career and your potential, you want someone who knows how to help you navigate through the emotional and mental waters of your mind. 

Whether you use mentors, coaches, friends, or the internet to learn and grow, you will use resources outside of yourself, so why not be thoughtful and select a person that has been trusted by hundreds of professionals?

The investment you make in yourself is worth its weight in gold and what you learn about yourself will take you far beyond where you could have gone on your own. The biggest hurdle to accomplishing your next goal are your fears and "logical thinking" that keeps you trapped in your fears. In order to grow, you must face your fears and see yourself for all that you are -- both light and dark. 

Once you've faced your fears, you will integrate them and learn how to use them to help you continue to grow. Nothing is ever wasted and you need everything - especially now. 


If you are a new or seasoned trader, you want to strongly consider having a therapist or coach on call. As you already know, the market has no friends and can be very unforgiving. I have worked with day and prop traders for nearly a decade with wonderful results. 

Traders come to me to work on emotional regulation, visualization, meditation, motivation, goal setting and healing the inner child. The ultimate goal for many of the trader with whom I work is to learn how to lower their entropy so they can execute and trade their plans. 

For more information about individual coaching sessions please apply on the site or call 312-382-8710 x150. If you prefer to meditate and would like to purchase a copy of my meditation, "Clearing Your Mind", visit my store here.

*Please note that I am a FINRA Public Arbitrator #A60483. I have chosen to, as standard practice, to disclose having a GENERAL business relationship with any current or previous individual or corporate trading client or vendor seeking arbitration. I will NOT disclose that anyone is or was a client or patient as mandated by Federal Law. My statement, that has been accepted by FINRA is, "I have (or had) a business relationship with person X." If I believe that my relationship with a client, partner, or vendor will be skewed, I will either recuse myself from the panel or not accept the case.