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The Power of Personal Responsibility

Selecting a Therapist


My advanced clinical training and specialty certifications from some of the best institutions in the country compliment my natural intuitive and empathic abilities so you can heal and sustain your progress long after our work is done. 

  • The University of Chicago, Master's in Social Work 1999
  • Licensed Clinical Social Work: IL Lic. Number 149009594
  • RoHun Doctor
  • Certified Advanced Kundalini Light Energization Healer
  • Certified Reflective Etheric Healer
  • Certified Clinical Heart Centered Hypnotherapist (Wellness Institute)
  • Certified Yhandi's Inner Light Facilitator
  • Certified Male/Female Relationships
  • Certified Lightbody Teacher
  • FINRA Public Arbitrator #A60483
  • Ordained Minister at the Church of Wisdom (Delphi University)
  • Resident Therapist at JET Magazine
  • Published Author: Amazon.com


Client’s have reported remarkable updates about how their lives and businesses have been impacted and improved. Below is a partial list:

“Jinnie is not only an expert in her field, but a true "thought leader" in the area of motivating and engaging high performers. Personally, I have both seen the results of her work in the lives of others, and have benefited myself from her advice and counsel.” ~ Keith Wyche, President/Change Management Executive (Former CEO of CUB Foods)

“Jinnie is by far one of the most effective change agents I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Through her roundtable settings, Jinnie is able to comprehend and analyze the thought processes that lead to critical decisions. And the results of Jinnie's skillful facilitation are conversations and shifts that lead to sustainable behavioral changes.” ~Lynn Sutton, Business Transformation Specialist

“I met Jinnie through a professional networking organization and became a client based on our interactions. I was feeling relationship and work-life balance stress. Thanks to Jinnie, I gained perspective and found my high achieving mien - which had taken a necessary retreat.” ~Graciela Martinez, Executive Assistant


I have served on various non-profit boards, worked with numerous organizations, and received notable awards of which the following is a brief list:

  • The Alumni Board (formerly Alumni Board of Governors) for the University of Chicago
  • Author and noted mental health expert for national and international media outlets 
  • Former sport psychology manager for USA Taekwondo
  • Critical Incident and Stress Debriefing consultant for high profile cases and companies
  • Sydney Bridgett Medal Recipient
  • Blogger for the largest African-American magazine in the country - Jet Magazine as well as Chicago's premierewomen's magazine -Today's Chicago Woman Magazine.
  • Featured as a Mental Health expert in Today's Chicago Woman Magazine, NPR Radio, CBS News, ABC News, WCIU: You and Me in the Morning, WVON Radio, Jet Magazine, Ebony Magazine, the University of Chicago Magazine, USA Taekwondo Magazine, Korean news outlets, and numerous sport media outlets.

The Difference & Benefit of Working with Me

You have my commitment to two things:
1) You will NOT be in therapy with me forever and
2) You are NOT alone even though it may feel like you are; I am with you all the way un
til the end.

You will have access to all of the services needed to help you gain awareness and understanding at a deep level so you can heal and live a healthier and happier life. Since I am an integrative and holistic mental health practitioner, I will suggest the most effective combinations of psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual processes that will help you achieve results as quickly as possible without compromising your healing. You and I will face your psychological fears and roadblocks together so that you can rid yourself of the internal obstacles and struggles that hold you back or prevent you from moving forward. You will make peace with your past, come to know who you are, and live your life without regret. If at any point I feel I am unable to help you, I will let you know so you can find someone who can.

What sets me apart from other service providers is blending and integration of the hard and soft sciences; more importantly, I allow myself to be human – with flaws and a story, just like you. I continue to do my own personal work and stay abreast of enhanced treatment modalities so I am 100% present with you in every session. You will not get lost in a sea of patients because I don't see 30-40 people a week. Instead, I keep a small patient load so I'm not exhausted or burned out.

My Journey

My path to becoming a psychotherapist and healer began at an early age. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I grew angry and resentful; shame filled my heart and revenge fueled my thoughts. Growing up in Englewood on Chicago's south side, I was often bullied and teased for being bi-racial (Korean and Black) and celebrating Jewish holidays. I hated myself as much as I hated everyone else and over time that almost killed me.

Despite my self-hate, I was able to get through the day (though often times barely) and make the most of my "experiences". People frequently told me that I have a unique gift when I was around 7-years-old and that was the ability to sense the hurt, anger, or frustration of others - even when they were not around. My understanding of their pain and ability to speak to it directly brought them immediate relief and healing so they could move on. In a strange way, it made me feel better, too. 

As I grew older, my rage transformed into a serious illness which nearly killed me. It was this wake-up call that pushed me to go beyond traditional psychotherapy and seek to heal at a deeper level.  With this intention set firmly in my mind and determination guiding my heart, guidance and compassion seemed to greet me everywhere I went. Teachers magically showed up and after decades of soul-wrenching work, my anger turned into love, my resentment turned into compassion, my shame is now joy, and my revenge is now understanding.  I learned how to heal, forgive, and thrive despite everything that was set to destroy me by healing at a deep, unconscious soul level.  As a result, I use my gift of listening and understanding to help every client and patient with whom I work to heal,  grow, and succeed.  

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ordained Minister, and RoHun Doctor, I am fiercely committed to and effective in helping men and women who have experienced abuse and trauma release the baggage of depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, and judgment so they can enjoy intimacy. As a nationally recognized mental health expert, I have effectively worked with high achieving individuals, families, and corporations for over 25 years.

My mission is to provide customized, integrative mental health treatment that supports the release of emotional distress and mental blocks so the development of sustainable self-love, joy, compassion, and discernment can occur within each patient . If you are looking for a proven expert who can help you address or work through emotional heaviness, personality development, or psychological roadblocks, using an integrative approach that includes clinical treatment, psycho-spiritual therapy and quantum physics, you've come to the right place. If you are motivated to face your fears, develop a healthy ego, and clear out your shadows to become even better than who you are today, I can help guide you to achieve enhanced success.

You can take comfort in knowing that your emotional well-being is in good hands as you work with a credible integrative and holistic mental health expert. You will receive care from a nationally renowned mental health expert who is well-versed in integrating clinical and spiritual psychotherapy and trained at the University of Chicago and Delphi University. My extensive training allows me to identify the service(s) that may give you the best overall outcome in the shortest amount of time. Best of all, you can rest assured that you will receive clinically proven treatment that can include your spiritual beliefs without delving into the realm of quackery.

"It's no longer about understanding what happened, it's about healing what happened so it doesn't happen again."  

~Dr. Jinnie Cristerna